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PostSubject: Pokemon Champion   Pokemon Champion I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 30, 2010 11:11 am

1 Must have all 8 gym badges and successfully beaten the Elite 4.

2 No Ubers, Legends, or Sublegends in this battle

3 All clauses are on. (including item clause)

4 Best 2 out of 3 battles, NO SWITCHING TEAMS BETWEEN EACH BATTLE (but you may switch your order)

5 You must post your team in the message box before the fight, you can find the team I will be using in the "Hall of Fame" section.

6 If you lose, you must wait 3 days before re-challenging the Elite 4.

7 The Fight will be in the Wifi OU format, which means that you may not use banned Pokemon/Ability combinations for this battle.

8 If there is a tie, the challenger loses, no matter what.

Winner Recieves:
- 6 EV trained pokemon of your choice
- Your pokemon recorded into the Hall of Fame
- A moderator status on the site
- This prestige title

Current Champion:
- Red

Past Champions:
- Gabe
- Michael
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