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PostSubject: Tournaments   Tournaments I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2012 4:20 am

Hey this is Green, Master of Tourneys and the Frontier Master, This is how I am setting up the Tournaments

- We will try to have tournaments every week on Saturday (or whatever day works best for the participants).

- I will decide what tier the tournament will be during the week prior to saturday. Sign-ups will start when the tier is announced.

- All rules for a tourney will be posted after the tier is announced.

- In order to join, quote the tournament of that week and say join or just private message me (I don't want any other kind of chat).

- I will post the ladder the night before at 11pm, which i will be pulling names out of a hat (but I will try to make the draw as fair as possible).

- Sign ups are over at 9pm the day before the tournament.

- If there are less than 6 people who signed up for a tourney it will be postponed until more people sign up.

**Note: there could be more than 1 tourny per week if there is a special occasion or there is a high demand so be on the lookout!
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