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 Elite 4 Info, Rules, and Regulations

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Elite 4 Info, Rules,  and Regulations Empty
PostSubject: Elite 4 Info, Rules, and Regulations   Elite 4 Info, Rules,  and Regulations I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 03, 2011 9:11 pm

1 Elite 4 members are a group of handpicked battlers by the champion himself who will serve as the final stepping stone to the champion. this is considered one of the highest honors you can achieve on the site as it implys that you are one of the best battlers on the site. (not really a rule, just an overview).

2 Elite 4 members must select 3 types and use only pokemon of those 3 types in their desired team (and you must use at least 1 pokemon for each type. for example, if you pick the ice, water, and dragon types, then you can use any combination of the types you want. you can use 1 water, 4 dragons, 1 ice etc...)

3 no doubling types. for example, if one Elite 4 member already has the electric type, then another Elite 4 member cannot select electric for one of his/hers types.

4 there will be no individual Elite 4 member rules, only the ones posted here.

5 Challengers may not switch their team between rounds.

6 All clauses are on (including item clause).

7 No Ubers.

8 you dont have to fight the Elite 4 in order.

9 If an Elite 4 member wishes to challenge the Elite 4, than Blue will take whoevers spot is challenging.

10 Battles will be in the Wifi OU format.

11 If you lose to an Elite 4 member, you must wait 3 days in order to rechallenge them.

12 If there is a tie that cannot be solved by clauses and/or tiebreakers, the challenger loses.

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Elite 4 Info, Rules, and Regulations
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