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 Red's 101 Help Sheet

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PostSubject: Red's 101 Help Sheet   Red's 101 Help Sheet I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 9:48 am

IV Chain breeding and How to breed a shiny

First and for most, you will need a Foriegn Ditto. in that case when using a ditto the other pokemon will be holding an inscence of it's type. To increase chances have the Ditto hold an Everstone..and the other pokemon the inscence of it's type.

The two pokemon that are breeding......the male will be holding the inscence of the female's type and the female will be holding an Everstone to increase chances.

This will take several tries, and be even more difficult when searching for a specific nature. 1 shiny, specific nature will usually take a day for just 1 pokemon.

IV's are important. IV's are calculated through chain breeding and is simple to do. Take a pokemon and EV train it completely....breed it. take the new egg and ev train it all the way and breed it again. keep doing this Until you are 6 or 8 down the line. If possible breed the 2 ev trained pokemon together to get better IV's. (Instead of starting at level 1 with hp 4, you can start up at level 1 with hp of 31 which is max) The more you repeat the better you chances to get max IV in all stats. Where the IV's are applied is all depending on where you are placing all the EV's in training their parents.

EV Hot spots and EV training

Be sure to have the pokemon holding the special brace and pokerus before training !
I advise to rare candy up a pokemon to Level 40 before training at all.
Fight only the listed pokemon anything else run away from. Never use exp share or switch in, this creates chaos for EV training.

HP- Pastoria City Marsh. Fight Only Quagsire (2points, with brace and Pokerus 8points) and shellos (1 point, 4 with pokerus and brace).

AT- route 212 in the grass just before the hill top to get draco meteor. Fight Only Scyther (2 points, 8 with items), Machoke (2 points, 8 with items), and Machop (1 point, 4 with items)

D - Iron Island. Fight only Steelix (2 points,8 with items), Graveler (2 points, 8 with items)

SPA - Old Chateau Fight Only Ghastley ( 1 point, 4 with items)

SPD - route 242 Fight Only Tentacruel (2 points, 8 with items)

Speed - Trophy Garden Fight Only Staravia (2 points, 8 with items), Pikachu (2 points, 8 with items), and Pichu ( 1 Point, 4 with items)


Battle Rules and Clauses for Standard Play

1) Ubers Clause (no pokemon from the Ubers tier may be used and no stat hacked pokemon)

2) Sleep Clause (may not put more than one poke asleep at a time. If they put there own poke to sleep using "rest, or etc" does not count towards sleep clause)

3) OHKO Clause (may not use ohko moves. Guillitine, Sheer Cold, Fissue, etc)

4) Species Clause (May not use two or more of the same pokemon)

5) Evasivness Clause (May not use evasive moves. Double team, etc)

6) Item Clause (may not have any repeating items on any pokemon in your party)

7) Self-KO Clause (If you and your opponent are down to your last pokemon, you cannot use suicide moves such as Explosion or Destiny Bond)

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Red's 101 Help Sheet
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