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 Double Ladders Rules

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Double Ladders Rules Empty
PostSubject: Double Ladders Rules   Double Ladders Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 9:42 am

This is the Rules to the Doubles Ladders

This is basically Clan wars, but with only two people as teammates and not a whole clan. the Partnership can be whoever you would want to be your partner, as long as its not two outrageously good people.

Basically, like Clan wars, you will be battling other teams for points. If you win, you get a point. If you lose, you lose a point. pretty simple.

The way the battles will work is easy. Both players from both teams will battle each other. If both players from team 1 win there battles, then team 1 wins a point. If team 2 beats team 1, then team 2 gets a point, simple. however, if 1 player from both teams win, then the two winners battle each other. The victor of that battle will get a point for their team.

The Battles will be Standard rules. Uber, Evasion, Sleep, Species, Self-KO, and OHKO clauses are on (not item clauses). You may change the Rules if Both Battlers agree with different rules.

If there is a Disconnection while battling, Rematch the Battle, unless Both Players agree on who "Would have Won" or if there was an Obvious winner. Don't start an arguement over this please.


It is easy to figure out if you are lying about a win/loss. if your team is caught lying, there Will be punishment.

If a team challenges another team, you cant decline it with out a reason, if you do you forfeit and you lose a point. Don't take the "u can't Delcine" thing to seriously, but don't just decline over and over again just cause u don't wana battle another team.

These rules May change over time, So be sure to check regularly.

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Double Ladders Rules
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